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You can read some free time with us before you start regular reading so you know the quality of our services and teaching methods ans software which we use.

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We assess each new student to see how fast they can learn and then you choose their time and days. You'll have an individual teacher and individual classes.

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You will then start taking regular sessions for your children in your chosen time and days, and your tutor always will be available to give you regular sessions.

Learn Quran Online at Home

We are a means to provide you Islamic education easily. Our organization facilitates people from every country and language to get religious education from their computer through Skype. Religious scholars working in our institution are always available for your good Islamic guidance. This is our slogan to learn the Qur'an online at home and based on this slogan thousands of people from different countries would contact us and take our services.

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Best Tutoring Academy

We claim that our academy is an excellent tutoring organization because there are many reasons that set us apart from others. We are the oldest of all institutions and are among the first to provide online teaching services. Some of the salient features are listed below. Join us today and start learning and taking sessions from a better tutor for your family.

 One to One classes

There is a separate class for each individual, not group sessions. Rather, one tutor individually teaches one student at a time.

 Qualified Teachers

Instructors are highly educated and have full expertise in Islamic sciences and are ready to give you complete Islamic education.

 Multilingual Teachers

Our team is fluent in different languages so that people from any language and country can easily get their education.

 Female Tutors

There are female tutors for women and older girls, especially for those who want to learn the Holy Qur'an online with women.

 Download Free Books

The pdf books of all the courses are uploaded on our website which you can save, visit the download page to view.

 Lowest Monthly Fee

A very small fee was charged monthly, different plans and fee packages are given on the fee page of the website.

Learn Quran Online with Tajweed

Reading Nazra

The purpose of this course is to teach each student to recite correctly. The Arabic letters are fully recognized in the beginning. It should be recited in a good voice as one of the purposes of revelation that pleases God Almighty. Ten virtues are obtained by reciting each letter and divine mercy is revealed. Therefore, it is the responsibility of everyone, to learn to recite it correctly.

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Tajweed Course

Those who once read the complete Book of Allah and now want to improve their fluency and correct their mistakes can learn to recite the Qur'an well according to the principles of Tajweed. This course is for all ages individuals men, women, and children. It is a very useful course for those who want to complete the Holy Book second, third or more times.

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Our expert teachers have designed this program for every student who wants to memorize the whole Qur'an or some chapters orally in modern ways and to achieve his goal in the shortest possible time. It is the religious duty of every Muslim to memorize some chapters orally and those who memorize the complete Book of Allah Almighty are very fortunate.

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  • Initially, I was quite confused as to whether or not this website was suitable for teaching my children. So instead of contacting them immediately, I called my wife from the office for advice. My wife called on this website to get information and said that we will take trial classes when I'll come home. After receiving the free trials, we were fully convinced that this institution is the best in illuminating the learn Qur'an online from home. I would also like to ask other people to try this feature once and check the service.

    Muhammad Ali - USA
  • I would like to say that religious education is as important for the young as it is for adults and especially for women. This institution is highly respected by us because our families have been associated with it for many years. Our relatives also continue to receive Islamic guidance from them. The best facilities here to learn Quran online for adults are available for men and women of all ages. I am very grateful to the entire staff of this institute and I pray to Allah Almighty to enable them to continue this good work forever.

    Sister Nida - Australia
  • The mosques here are so far away that we have to travel 40 to 45 kilometers to reach them. It takes more than two hours. I work from morning till evening and my wife also works, we can't go to the mosque every day. We consider these people very good to learn Quran for kids and we ask other people to join this academy. We are also very grateful to our tutors here that all these people are working so hard for our future. I would also like to say that these people are punctual which is a great pleasure for our whole family.

    Brother Faisal - UK