Read Quran Online - Introduction

Pioneers of eReading

After many years of hard work, today the institution has reached the point where people all over the world know it and consider it a better platform than others, that is why many new students join us daily.

More than Just Tutoring

We consider it not enough to just teach but to provide a source of Islamic education where people of all ages can receive basic and advanced religious education according to their mental abilities.

The Original Institute

There are many other institutes today but we are the first to launch a service in this field. The kids of those children who studied with us at the beginning of our academy are taking our services today.

Read Quran Online

The most crucial aspect of the tutoring process is our students, we tailor lessons to the child's level of ability and prior knowledge. This one-on-one tutoring gives the teacher's undivided attention to the kids' needs. Our mission is to deliver the best services at the most affordable fees. We have a group that is very knowledgeable and trained in educating you on the principles of tajweed and reciting. Our lecturers all are hafiz-e-Qura'an. They've had a high level of training and are very well to assist learners to feel empowered in the offered courses.

Our Aims & Objectives

Our goal is to fulfill and surpass your expectations by offering the best services possible. Our vision is to use the internet and related technologies to spread understanding of the Islamic religion. In Europe, there are approximately 44 million Muslims, so this is not a small number of believers within those countries. Because these countries lack Islamic experts, the most convenient way to study the faith in these countries is to educate anything online from a sharia scholar there or to join this forum, which has been delivering thorough religious studies for many years by Allah Almighty's grace.

Why Us (Features)?

Interactive Class

Instead of group classes, we provide tutoring services to people of all ages individually so that you can learn to read the Holy Qur'an better.

Skilled Tutors

Experienced and highly educated in Islamic Studies teachers are always available to you, which are also technically trained for teaching.

English Speakers

Our team is fully capable of speaking the language, especially for English-speaking students, so you will not have any problem getting our services.

Ladies Teachers

Here are also female Islamic Scholars for women and girls so that women can get a better education from them and complete their Quran courses.